20 April 2015

How to deal with overzealous editors

Verbolatry - Devyani Borade - How to deal with overzealous editors - Walrus Publishing
Take an egg. It can be consumed raw. But it is as likely to poison you as it is to satiate your hunger. So the chef drops the egg into hot water. A boiled egg is delicious. The shell is peeled away and the flesh is full of yummy goodness. The chef knows tastes even better with a pinch of salt and pepper sprinkled over it. Or the chef breaks the shell, draws out the juices within and sizzles them in fat over a frying pan to create a scrumptious omelette. With some filling like mushrooms added, the chef can make the omelette even more delectable.

A writer is like an egg. An editor is like a chef. The editor can...

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"I love that you interviewed Sigrid on this one, and I agree with everything you say."
Moira Allen
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