1 May 2010

Present from the past

devyani borade - verbolatry - present from the past - practical family historyHelen Blackwell’s birthday was fast approaching. That is to say, it was about eight months away, but when one is your best friend, you can’t plan too far enough in advance. And on her 40th, I was determined to pull out all stops.

Helen and I had been friends since childhood. We grew up together, went to the same school, attended colleges in neighbouring towns and got married within a few months of each other. We knew each other’s families like our own and each other’s thoughts better than ourselves. I knew she would want an unusual gift that would complete her special day. Not cosmetics, she...
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"It is a really lovely piece, and well written... I really enjoyed the article as it is a lovely, light, read on a family history theme... I am sure it will make a lovely feature... Thank you for the funny illustrations"
Karen Clare
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"It's a lovely story"
Debbie Attewell