1 February 2014

Sky's the limit

The aeroplane takes off like an arrow towards an unknown destination. The wind lifts the plane’s wings giving them the required thrust to gain altitude rapidly. Twin headlights cleave a path through the darkness as the dull roar of its engines carries clearly on the cold night air.

Five pairs of eyes are turned up towards it, watching the lights steadily climb higher. The dull eyes of a prostitute, lying motionless as a paying customer grimly goes to work on her to get his money’s worth in the dingy room of a brothel in a fashionable section of the city, see an unattainable escape to another life...

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4025 words

US publication


Words from the Wise

"I enjoyed reading this piece"
Valerie Polichar

"We would be delighted to use your story."
Miranda Kopp-Filek
Writing Tomorrow Magazine

"I do enjoy reading your stories"
Ron Gaskill

"I can tell that the author has a good narrative sense and writes a lively story. Might I suggest that you rewrite this piece as a screenplay?  It seems a natural, due to your iconic presentation."
Michael Latza
Willow Review

"I enjoyed your story, sad though it is."
Sandra Costich
Fiction Editor
American Scholar

"Thank you for your intriguing piece. I have read your work previously and I must tell you that I always read it from beginning to end because you write so very well, and your subject matter, your protagonists too, are consistently much more than the ordinary. I do like this piece."
Gabrielle DePlancher
Fiction Editor
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