15 February 2013

Why people write

Well. Quite. Like asking why women gossip. Or men brag. Or children lie.

So if it is as pointless as a circle to write this article, why write? Why, indeed. I went to bed with this question churning in my mind like a stomach with a bad attack of indigestion. After four hours of sleeplessly tossing and turning, optimist that I am, even I had to acknowledge that this wouldn’t go away without further investigation.

So for the past several days, I have been exploiting my not-so-considerable brainpower to mull over this point. What is it that makes a person itch to record his thoughts permanently? Why...

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1 February 2013

When publication goes bad

When an email message popped into my Inbox with the promising subject line of “Your submission has been accepted”, I clicked on it immediately, eager to devour the details. The first thing I saw was, “We loved your story!” Delighted, I read on. “We definately would like to publish this peace. Please find attached teh contract and sign and return it at your earliest convinience.”

After getting over my dismay at the unpardonable spelling mistakes, I began to have serious doubts about whether I wanted to go ahead with this particular publication at all. If the editor couldn’t be bothered to run...

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