1 August 2011

The deadline

They say women have it more. Old women. Especially old women who’ve faced some tragedy in their lives. So when I plan to write a story about such an old woman, I don’t have myself in mind. After all, fifty-one isn’t that old at all. And everyone in the world has their fair share of sorrow, don’t they?

“We’re now open to submissions. We seek stories of the horror or paranormal genre. Give us your best fiction!” invited the headlines of a popular publication. “We purchase worldwide first print rights.” For an out-of-work writer like me, the lure of payment was irresistible. I resolved to spin a yarn...

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4065 words

US publication


Words from the Wise

"This was a clever and heartfelt concept"
Peta Freestone

"There's good writing here"
Michael Colangelo

"Quirky, story-within-a-story-coming-to-life story"
Samuel Montgomery-Blinn
Bull Spec