15 May 2011


The stone dropped with a soft plop into the murky water and the ripples began... smaller, then in ever-widening circles, until the outermost lapped his ankle ambitiously. The sound reminded him of the limp slap of a heavy curtain’s resisting hem flapping in the wind against a window sill. A hardened donkey nearby drank deeply from the edge of the water with noisy slurps. Its thick lips caressed the water’s surface and caused more tangential ripples to form. Further downstream a woman was washing clothes. She dipped a shirt into the water, rubbed it vigorously with soap that was rapidly...

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1 May 2011

Becoming a boss

Recently, something significant happened to me at work. I was promoted. I had been performing exceedingly well in my job over the last couple of years, so it came as no surprise when the decision was announced. I knew that my life would change in many ways: An advancement up the corporate ladder meant bigger challenges, bigger responsibilities and a bigger paycheck. What I hadn’t expected was the subtle, yet significant change in the office environment around me.

Advice abounds on how to deal with rejection – rejection at a job interview, rejection from a love interest, rejection at a competition...

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