15 May 2012

Google +1 (Does your business need it?)

30 March 2011 was the day the online world woke up to a new way of sharing content across the web – the Google +1 button. In a direct head-to-head with Facebook’s Like button, Google announced its +1 button would allow users to indicate their preferences on any website so their friends and contacts may see it. As a web user, you’d see your friends’ recommendations and know the product or service or content on offer was worth your while. First launched only on Google.com’s English-language search results, the +1 button was then rolled out to a select section of domains of Google’s search engines...

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1 May 2012

An idol is forever, not just for Christmas

10th May 1979. Margaret Thatcher has just become the new prime minister of England. Pluto moves inside Neptune’s orbit for the first time ever since either planet became known to Science. The Sahara desert experiences snow for a period of thirty minutes.

In a small dusty village in the remote interiors of a large state of west India, a tall young man is anxiously pacing the floor outside his house. From time to time, he stops to glance through the open door, then resumes pacing as vigorously as ever. He is oblivious to the heat of the afternoon sun on his bare head, unaware of the scorching earth...

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