1 April 2014

Published on page 1 or 100? (Editors and publishers discuss the importance of article placement in a magazine)

Recently the editor of a popular magazine accepted one of my stories for publication. She was full of kind words about it and how much she liked it. ‘In fact, we like your story so much,’ she said, ‘that we want to put it in a more prominent position in our magazine.’

After the first flush of euphoria faded away, I got curious about this new aspect of publishing I had found out rather by accident. Was there such a thing as ‘a more prominent position’ in a magazine? Should I feel proud? Should I, perhaps, take this opportunity to ask for more money? Or should I settle for lesser payment in return for the...

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Words from the Wise

"I absolutely admit, it is an angle I have never heard nor thought of -- and a great idea."
Susan M. Tierney
Editor in Chief
Writer's Institute Publications (Children's Writer)

"This is indeed a very good article. It's well researched and the quotes really give it depth. It really is beautifully done!"
Moira Allen
Writing World
"It sounds really interesting, and it's something all publishers know but, perhaps, not many writers. From my perspective, there are definitely more prominent positions in pretty much any publication -- whether in print or online. For instance, our features get more exposure than our departments. Some advertising spots are better than others, etc. There are actually heat maps of websites that show where the most prominent places are so you can arrange your content and advertising effectively. The same thing with graphic design and layout of any book, magazine, poster, flyer, etc. It's one of the first things they teach you in graphic design. The thing is, unless you're the publisher of the content (or the editorial director) how can you control your article's placement other than writing a darn good article?
All of us really enjoyed reading your article. Personally, I really loved how you included interviews with editors of popular publications. Impressive! It's fun to read the banter and see how they weigh in. I like how you included a little bit about the web as well.
We all adore your article. Keep up the excellent writing!
P.S. I just checked out your website and love your bio. I, too, love comics and dark chocolate!"
Angela Mackintosh
Women On Writing

"I thought it was an exceptional article. Thank you for the wonderful article."
Brian Scott
Freelance Writing