20 January 2012

Top 5 irritating editor habits (And what writers can do about them)

On a whim they can subject us to torture of the vilest bilge. On a fancy they can deny us the pleasure of a beautiful composition. They control what comes into the market and what remains. They are the demi-gods of the publishing industry. They are, of course, the Editors.

Where would the writing world be without these paragons of the paragraph? They may work behind the scenes, unobtrusively and unstintingly, yet it is their sweat that lends the sheen of dazzle to the pages they produce. A good editor is worth his/her weight in words. And a really great one can make the difference between the Pushcart...
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15 January 2012

Is your website accessible?

Your website is your showcase to the world. You are proud of it and have invested time and resources into making it useful and relevant. You want everybody who is anybody to visit it. But did you know that you might be restricting an entire group of users – and potential customers – from getting to you? These are people with disabilities, people for whom the most mundane activities in life can be extremely challenging and who struggle to get basic tasks done. Nevertheless, these same people are also doing exactly what the rest of us are – working, enjoying food, leisure and sport. They have spiritual...

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"It's a good feature. I must say that your articles are always very well written. It is nice to be able to simply 'plonk' them in, without having to heavily edit them to make sense. It's perfect as is it."
Mary Cummings
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1 January 2012

From parchment to attachment

To be or not to wee, that is the question.

‘Er, that’s be.’


‘That should be not to be, not not to wee.’

‘What the hell is thyself talking about?’

‘Thou said... ah, never mind. Go on reading, will thee?’

‘Right. Moving on. I could a tale unfold, whose lightest word would narrow up thy soul, freeze thy young brood, make thy two eyes, like scars, start from their spheres, thy knitted and combined locks to fart, and each particular hair... ‘

‘Um, that’s harrow not narrow, blood not brood, stars not scars, knotted not knitted and part not, er, fart.’

‘Quite. Look, perhaps thee had better make me...

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"We start the new year with a humorous article from a new guest commentator. Devyani Borade riffs eloquently about the changes that technological advances have brought to the craft of writing. And, where they have fallen short. We think you will enjoy this piece."
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