15 May 2016

Tips to prepare for a child's hospital stay

When my two year old was recently ill, it was all arms to battle stations as we fought temperatures peaking 41.5 Celsius (106.7 F), dehydration and sleeplessness. At the hospital I was informed it could be either pneumonia or meningitis. So when it was confirmed that we’d escaped the latter, I was so relieved I nearly didn’t register what the doctor said next. “He’ll have to stay in the hospital for the next five nights, so we can begin the antibiotics treatment and monitor him closely.”

A hospital stay with your loved ones can be unsettling and often traumatic. It becomes almost unbearable...

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1 May 2016

Sell more work by grabbing eye-catching quotes

What do the following names have in common?

Jeffrey Archer, David Baldacci, Bernard Cornwell, Janet Evanovich, Jasper Fforde, Ken Follett, Jonathan Kellerman, Rebecca Tope.

Answer: My articles! These famous bestselling authors have all granted direct personal exclusive quotes to me.

A writer instills his own voice, personality, perceptions, knowledge, experiences, even moods into his work. It is one point of view and can sound opinionated. Adding commentary from external sources changes the tone of the article from opinion to analysis. Quotes liven up the content, humanizing...

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