15 May 2014

Returning to work (How to cope with a new world after a hiatus)

‘I’m having a baby!’ I announced at work.

After the initial wave of congratulations had subsided, conversation turned to the inevitable question. ‘Are you planning to return to work?’ asked my colleagues, some with amusement, others in tones more anxious. ‘I don’t really know at this point,’ was my truthful answer. What I did know was that it was going to be an important, serious and potential uncomfortable choice to make, and one that could be life-changing.

A year later, as I neared the end of my maternity leave and the manic feeding-changing-sleeping frenzy settled into a regular and...

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1 May 2014

Debora's Pen

A comedy of horrors

How long is a short story

Ten minutes is a long time 

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