15 December 2011

Managing test data - The challenges of testing on live websites

Angelina Jolie is my customer. Tom Cruise shops at my online store. Sachin Tendulkar has often worked for me collecting meter readings. Wayne Rooney is a frequent supplier who ships my products to their destinations, taking care of fulfilment and logistics. Bill Gates features regularly as a job-hunting candidate when I am posting online jobs. Even Albert Einstein has managed some general administrative work behind the desk for me.

Before you think I am talking through my hat, allow me to tell you that these are all only “user records” in my software application testing!

For those of you who...

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1 December 2011

Affectionately yours

My dear friend,

I don’t know how you are or where, but I hope you’re doing fine. We may have lost touch with each other for some time now, but I haven’t forgotten you, I never will. I don’t know what keeps you from writing to me or calling me, but for both our sakes, I hope it is a good enough reason for breaking off that wonderful relationship we shared for a brief period of time in the past – our friendship.

I have come to realise now, that friendship is a burden more than anything else. Though I have been fortunate to include you in its folds, I think that the shoulders of all are not meant to be strong enough...

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