1 March 2011

My trip to Mars

I own a spacecraft. It’s called, um, ASpacecraft. I use it for (what else?) space travel. I keep it in the paper-clip box at the bottom of my desk drawer. The paper-clip box is nearly empty, just a couple of paper-clips left in it, so ASpacecraft fits in pretty snugly. I store it at the bottom of the desk drawer to keep it away from the prying eyes of my younger brother. (Actually, I don’t really have a younger brother, but if I did, I’m sure he would have prying eyes.)

ASpacecraft has taken me on many an interesting journey through space. It’s a pretty little thing, red in colour, with cute little antennae...

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1645 words
Humour/Science Fiction

US publication


Words from the Wise

"I really liked your little story. I'd love to publish it."
Lightning Flash Magazine

"Very, Very, Very amusing. Seriously, it's quite funny."
Geoffrey C. Porter
Untied Shoelaces Of The Mind

"I absolutely love the cute images, great wit, and casual voice this piece displays... taking us on a tour of a bizarre place... Definitely a world worthy of an adventure!"
Ty Drago

"I really enjoyed the story... You latch onto a voice that not many could make work and run with it flawlessly... a certain winner."
D.F. McCourt
AE - The Canadian Science Fiction Review

"This piece was charming, a lot of fun, and a delight to read. We enjoyed it."
Djibril Alayad
Future Fire

"An interesting short story. I do like Calvin and Hobbes, and the "younger girl's voice" really comes out. Some of the details, such as the feet tapping of their own accord on account of the low Mars gravity, were quite memorable."
Samuel Montgomery-Blinn
Bull Spec

"It would make a good children's book"
Sue Babcock
Silver Blade

"Your story has some lovely ideas and images in it"
Ellen J. Allen

"It is an interesting story. I like the concept of a portable spacecraft that can transport you anywhere."
Editor (1 of 4)
Winged Halo

"I really love the voice"
Editor (2 of 4)
Winged Halo

"It's a cute idea"
Editor (3 of 4)
Winged Halo

"Amusing... and sustains the voice well"
Zara Baxter
Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine

"The story is well written"
Alternative Coordinates

"'Cosmic Cacoethes' is a very charming story. It's a really good story."
Alex Korovessis

"This was inventive"
Elizabeth Bear
Associate Editor