20 July 2015

Debora's Pen

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6 panels, 1 cartoon
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Words from the Wise

"I fell in love with Debora... Thought you'd (all) appreciate relating to her writing issues...
I've started trying to put some logos/photos in the feature piece, and your little girl seemed perfect... I think Debora is very cute. Clean and to the point. You ought to start a newsletter about Debora - brief with a lesson of sort. I think writers would love it. Excited about reading them!"
C. Hope Clark
Funds For Writers

"I enjoyed your cartoon series"
Brian Scott
Freelance Writing

"These are cute, I like them."
Lee H. Wilson
Art Editor
Feathertale Review

"Charming! I obviously like the cartoon, tailored-made to fit the theme, even including the date of the emails to coincide with the publication of the journal."
Virginia Howard

"This is cool"
Linda Formichelli
The Renegade Writer

"That was a good comic you sent me. I liked the line drawings, and I thought it was clever."
Bill Kenower
Author Magazine

"These are definitely cute"
Moira Allen
Writing World

"These are very well constructed and interesting"
Leon Ogroske
Writers' Journal

"These are adorable!"
Nicole Cliffe
The Toast

5 July 2015

The perfect chapati

We're gathered around the dinner table—three generations of women standing over steaming bowls of chicken curry and fluffy rice, vegetables and dals, and tiny pots filled to the brim with piquant chutneys, crispy pickles and savory sauces. But we don’t see this. Our eyes are focussed on a large conspicuous space in the centre of the table, where a plate resides forlorn and cold.

“So you’ll serve them hot off the pan,” says my mother contemplatively to the empty plate.

“Yes,” I nod.

“You’re sure you can make them fast enough for everyone,” says one sister.

“Of course.”

“You’ll need help,” warns...

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900 words

US publication

Words from the Wise

"Your essay created a real sense of place with interesting details."
Kristen Hartke
Managing Editor
Edible DC

"I like your story."
Kerri Stenson
Edible Silicon Valley

"I do like this piece."
Mary Blair
Edible Green Mountains

"(It's a) charming story"
Riley T. Davenport
Edible San Diego

"I did enjoy reading it and I like your writing."
Barb Tholin
Edible Grande Traverse

"...your fun article, I enjoyed reading it."
Cheryl Koehler
Edible East Bay

"...we can certainly use the piece in an issue."
Joe Morales

"You certainly know how to make your pitches grab an editor's attention!"
Richard Nye
Richmond Magazine

"I liked your piece"
Emily S. Kennedy
Edible Vineyard

"This is just the sort of story we are looking for."
Rachel Hodson
Edible Wasatch

"Your submission is very interesting, and you have a wonderful writing style"
Krista Harris
Edible Santa Barbara

"It's a nice article"
Scott McMillion
Montana Quarterly

1 July 2015

Demonstrating leadership in interviews

The word “interview” conjures up visions of unfamiliar people sitting across the table from you, waiting for the answer in uncomfortably expectant silence to a question that you haven’t prepared for properly, or worse, can’t even understand. The butterflies in the stomach, the dry throat, the beads of perspiration trickling down the forehead – the symptoms are all too common. 

Interviews come in many forms and are a means to achieve many things--from gaining new employment opportunities to testing the waters for new business ventures to assessing potential associates for corporate...

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1400 words

UK publication


Words from the Wise

"Looks an interesting piece indeed"
Adrian Clifton