1 July 2014

Top 12 sure-fire ways to make yourself an unpopular freelance writer

Virginia Howard, editor of Thema, has done it. Linda Formichelli of TheRenegadeWriter.com recently did it. Angela Hoy, editor of Writers Weekly does it all the time. What is it?

“It” is riff about how a writer messed up big time.

Most editors are calm, sensible, well-balanced people. They need to be, if they’re going to have to deal with the complexities of publishing – from reading submissions to getting that highly coveted periodical out, time and time again. Every once in a while, though, editors get a query that forces them to tear out their hair and abandon the air of restraint to vent their...

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"I wouldn't mind sending a copy to a writer who just queried me with perhaps the most insulting query I've received to date ("I am the most wonderful, experienced, fabulous writer in the world and you don't pay enough, BUT, I'm so desperate, I'm willing to grace your pages with a column..." I'm summarizing, but that was the gist)"
Moira Allen
Writing World

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