1 April 2011

A rose by any other name... means you weren't paying enough attention in Science class

Like Stephenie Meyer, who woke up one morning with the entire Twilight saga all mapped out and neatly compartmentalised into a trilogy in a dream, you too find yourself struck by inspiration on the evening walk to the corner curry shop. While the man at the till is taking his time totting up the bill, you fret and agonise about being five hundred yards away from your trusty laptop. The minute the curry is in the microwave, you are furiously scribbling the main outline of the plot that promises to shake up the world… you are only about twelve months and one willing publisher away from your destiny...

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1645 words
Humour/Science Fiction

US publication


Words from the Wise

"I definitely enjoyed it! I like it very much. I like the idea of asking authors how they choose names. Perfect! This is a very nice examination of the whole question... a good round-up of how different authors picked names."
Moira Allen
Writing World

"Great title."
Suzanne Ruthven
The New Writer