20 June 2014

Debora's Pen

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15 June 2014

Confessions of a stamp murderer

30th May 1931.

An unremarkable date. The British Raj is still lording over the Indian populace even as revolts are cropping up like angry acne in pockets all over the country.

It is an unremarkable day in a small village in the remotest interiors of Cawnpore, the industrial capital city of the United Provinces in north India. On the main road pull-rickshaws ply to and fro, shrilly trilling cycles overbalance into pedestrians and bullock-carts sway along slowly. The cow scrunching on the footpath is placidly chewing the end of the lungi of an irate passer-by who is red in the face from trying to...

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1 June 2014

Is your child a bully?

We’d all like our children to be leaders, to think they are leader-material. The race for leadership crops up in all walks of academic life, from class president to magazine editorial board. There are many qualities that make a leader and many more that make a great leader.

At the same time, none of us wants our child to be a bully. Yet academic life is the most common setting for bullying. Just as there is a thin line of distinction between confidence and arrogance, humility and subservience, genius and madness; there is just a thin line separating leadership from bullying. ‘Kids don’t suddenly...

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