15 September 2010

Breaking the ice

breaking the ice - a fly in amberAt forty-five miles per hour, I am going faster than the maximum speed limit of several European roads. The wind screams past my ears with a high whine and wisps of clammy hair stick to my scalp like stubborn lime scales at the bottom of the kettle. All around me, people are flailing their arms wildly and tumbling clumsily on top of each other. I permit myself an un-lady-like smirk and continue smoothly on my way. Past a yelling quarrelling bunch of kids, past a boy who can’t cease spinning like a top, past an elderly couple who look like they are being tortured on a trapeze, past the three stewards...
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Words from the Wise

"It's an enjoyable piece"
Tim Kroenert
Assistant Editor
Eureka Street

"Your crisp, detailed voice succeeds at capturing realism"
Colin Meldrum
A cappella Zoo

"The descriptions are specific and interesting"

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  1. A well-told tale with rich, descriptive language!

  2. Thank you, Milo, for your kind words!