1 November 2010

Jewel thief

“This is superb!” I said licking my rapidly melting ice-cream cone.

Mona pointed to a small mysterious tent situated in a corner of the carnival grounds. “Hey, what’s that?”

“Hmm. ‘Hocus-Pocus’. Sounds interesting. Let’s have a look,” Preeti suggested.

“Don’t be silly. It is past seven o’clock and already dark. We ought to go back now,” said Vaayu. “Besides, it’s getting cold. And I certainly don’t fancy poking around in your rotten old tents with Jack Frost nipping at my toes–“

“Nose,” Mona said.

“Toes!” Vaayu said, “in the middle of the day–”

“Nose, my dear,” Mona corrected again, “and anyway...

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4440 words

US publication

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