15 November 2011


Kalia watched the dancing water gradually become calm, even as he readied to disturb it again. One rough callused hand fingered the smooth round flawless surface of the second pebble. His eyes, although still young and sharp, were red rimmed and hooded with crusty lids and small sparse eyelashes. At the moment they were narrowed and shielded by his shaggy eyebrows, puckered and closing ranks together against the blazing afternoon sun. With the other hand he brushed back the tail-end of his turban, now soggy with sweat and moisture of the humid air of Fatehgarh village, tucking a stray lock...

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1900 words

US publication


Words from the Wise

"We feel that it has a unique voice and that the description of the characters and setting are excellent."
Susan Peters
Prose Editor
Kansas City Voices

"The detail is good and the images are strong"
Melinda Selmys

"It’s a well-written story, and we were impressed with your craft. Clearly it came from a capable hand."
Luc Saunders
Editorial Associate
The Sun

"It is a pleasure to accept your manuscript... fine contribution."
Nathan Grant
African American Review

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