10 March 2013

Love thy competition

As professional writers, we are particularly vulnerable to competition, which comes not only from our contemporaries, but also from those who are long dead and gone but have left their lasting mark in the annals of literature.

However, did you know that your competition can actually come to your aid? Other writers help us make money just by being published. How’s that again? Simple – by providing newer markets and vistas for publication.

1. Read writers’ biographies and bibliographies – Make it a point to read the bios and publishing credits of any and all writers you come across. Most writers...

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Words from the Wise

"That's definitely a good article... The article felt richer and more detailed. I particularly liked your example of coming up with the piece on titles -- it struck me as a great example of what one can do if one thinks creatively."
Moira Allen
Writing World

"My editor and I love this piece. It's a topic we haven't seen covered before. We look forward to working with you! I think this is an interest(ing) topic and one our readers probably haven't considered before. :)"
Angela Mackintosh
Women On Writing

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