1 October 2013

A writer bites back

So you have gone through the pains of thinking up an original ground-breaking idea, wrecked your keyboard thrashing out the story, laid waste to the Dictionary searching for the most appropriate adjectives, run Spell Check, counted words, proofread till your eyes hurt, racked your brains for an attention-grabbing title and trawled through numerous resources to find the one perfect magazine to which to submit your masterpiece. Except that they want you to do it in a certain way. ‘Please follow our Submission Guidelines outlined below,’ they announce cheerfully. You’d love to, only...

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1320 words

UK publication


Words from the Wise

"I like the work (it’s an intriguing concept and table-turner)"
Zachary Petit
Assistant Editor
Writer's Digest

"This definitely made me chuckle!"

Moira Allen

Writing World

"I like this"
Jonathan Telfer
Writing Magazine

"Very clever, and I think it has potential to be a hit among writers"
Brett Popplewell
Feathertale Review

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