1 November 2014

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My mind is blank, my throat, dry. My heartbeat has slowed down to the point that I can't tell if blood is coursing through my veins or not. My breathing is almost non-existent. My eyes are unseeing.

“One moment please,” I hear a feeble voice say from very far away and realise, with a jolt, it is mine. I open my fist, which until now has been tightly closed, smoothen out a crumpled piece of paper and place it infront of me. I scan it in desperation, looking for a familiar word but the paper could well have been written in cipher for all I can read. I look up again. The auditorium is silent. The faces stare back...

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Words from the Wise

"Your article was nicely written."
Julie Kim
Submissions Anon
Toastmasters International

"Your article covers a much needed topic.  I love the narrative at the beginning. The instruction part will be welcome for parents who have insecure, quiet children. The narrative adds heart. I personally would love to see this in print."
Shelli Simons
Associate Editor
Texas Home School Coalition Review

"I like the topic of your article"
Barb Lundgren
Home Education Magazine

"(It's a) well-written article"
Mary Pride
Practical Homeschooling

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