15 August 2015

Debora's Pen

Enjoy the full cartoon in the August 2015 issue of Funds For Writers


Request to see the original cartoon via email for just 99p!
(T&C apply)

6 panels, 1 cartoon
US publication


Words from the Wise

"I fell in love with Debora... Thought you'd (all) appreciate relating to her writing issues...
I've started trying to put some logos/photos in the feature piece, and your little girl seemed perfect... I think Debora is very cute. Clean and to the point. You ought to start a newsletter about Debora - brief with a lesson of sort. I think writers would love it. Excited about reading them!"
C. Hope Clark
Funds For Writers

"I enjoyed your cartoon series"
Brian Scott
Freelance Writing

"These are cute, I like them."
Lee H. Wilson
Art Editor
Feathertale Review

"Charming! I obviously like the cartoon, tailored-made to fit the theme, even including the date of the emails to coincide with the publication of the journal."
Virginia Howard

"This is cool"
Linda Formichelli
The Renegade Writer

"That was a good comic you sent me. I liked the line drawings, and I thought it was clever."
Bill Kenower
Author Magazine

"These are definitely cute... I love it! I absolutely love it!"
Moira Allen
Writing World

"These are very well constructed and interesting"
Leon Ogroske
Writers' Journal

"These are adorable!"
Nicole Cliffe
The Toast

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