30 September 2015

The movie star

The year is 1975. The place is Ramanagara, Karnataka in south India. It is high noon. A beautiful woman driving a tanga is being hotly pursued by villainous men on horseback. The woman’s attire – a short blouse with an exposed midriff fashionably cut, a long colourful skirt with sequins sewn in and embroidered mirror-work, and a long flimsy veil that billows out behind her – indicates that she is the local village belle. Her mare is white as the bleached teeth of a grinning model, swift of foot, and trying her best to get away from the pursuers, but she is steadily tiring. Yet the woman urges her on...

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1000 words
Nonfiction/Real fiction

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Words from the Wise

"I just read some of your other stories online, which I enjoyed very much. Although we realize you don't have a lot of experience with horses, we would appreciate working with you again, should you have something in this vein."
Laurie Bonner
Senior Editor

"A nice piece"
Sarah Jenkins
Content Director
Horse & Hound

"I enjoyed reading it."
Emily Trahair

"Our editors placed your piece on the long-list for the next issue and wanted to pass on how much they enjoyed your work"
Dr Lucy Dougan
Research/Administrative Officer

"(Your piece) is very well written"
Gwen Davies
New Welsh Review

"This is an interesting piece"
Lisa Girault
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