1 November 2015

Is writing every day a bad idea?

We've all heard the arguments: Practice makes perfect. Writing every day will force us to develop a habit. It's a great way to get over writer's block. Writing more improves writing. It achieves the aim, gets the job done. We've all believed it. Even tried it. We start off by setting ourselves ambitious goals. After doing the maths we arrive at a magic number. An "ideal" goal. Like writing 2000 words a day. Perhaps for the first few days we even manage it. And we feel proud of ourselves. Gradually, though, we start to slip up. Miss a day here, two there. An ill child. A surprise visit. An overflowing...

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Words from the Wise

"OH, yes!  I was just thinking along these lines recently - ... the idea that you can get something meaningful done when you're carving off a 15-minute sliver of time here or trying to write something in line there.  Creativity does NOT come in 15-minute spurts."
Moira Allen
Writing World

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