15 February 2016

Unpaid debts

‘Look! Such a big juicy watermelon! Do you want it?’

Big brown eyes wide with wonder gaze unblinkingly at the giant fruit. Hesitant nodding of a small dark head indicates acquiescence. Clad only in a thin cotton vest and a black string around his rotund little waist, the small boy toddles off after the delectable temptation, his podgy fist held fast around a guiding finger, all his faith vested in one single assurance.

While the boy is occupied with the watermelon, his father and mother hurriedly get onto a waiting bullock-cart and begin to ride away. The tell-tale clip clop of the bullock’s...

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Words from the Wise

"We like your style... From my point of view (and not only because all of us had the same impression) your work is of very high quality."
Roxana Nastase
Scarlet Leaf Review

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