25 August 2010

The bugs shall inherit the earth

devyani borade - verbolatry - the bugs shall inherit the earth - a world of their own
“Oh, hello. Have you only just arrived?”

Her voice was musical, the enunciation perfect with the vowels flowing like honey oozing from a squeeze-easy bottle. The pretty young thing fluttered her eyelashes coyly and stood taking in the newcomer’s appearance with the frank curiosity of a scientist on the verge of discovering a new disease.

Before the newcomer could reply, he heard an agonised yell nearby. A heavy body crashed through the dense silicon-copper-resin foliage and landed with a loud plop! at his feet. This recent arrival, with his big head, a rotund middle and long white beard...

Read the full story in the August 2010 anthology A World Of Their Own


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3935 words Humour/Fantasy/Science Fiction
US publication


Words from the Wise

"I like the plot"
Julie Ann Dawson
Bards and Sages

"It's an amusing idea"
Christopher East
Fiction Editor

"The subject matter is of interest to our readers and the story is well written"
Alternative Coordinates

"There's a good idea here"
Michael Colangelo

"Thanks for an interesting story such as this. As a software engineer by day, I enjoyed the comparisons with Newton's laws."
Samuel Montgomery-Blinn
Bull Spec

"We enjoyed reading it"
Sue Babcock
Silver Blade

"It's a good story overall, I certainly liked the personification of bugs, especially with a background in systems"
J. E. Taylor
Assistant Editor

"The story caught our attention"
Adrian Simmons
Heroic Fantasy Quarterly

"You have a well written and original story"
Michael C. Pennington
Aurora Wolf Journal

"It is a cute story"
Stephanie Ann Johanson
Assistant Editor
Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine

"It is a nice idea and there is a nice level of humour to the piece"
John Kenny
Albedo One

"This was a fun and light-hearted fantasy piece about personified computer bugs"
Djibril Alayad
Future Fire

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