1 August 2010

Deep impressions

devyani borade - verbolatry - deep impressions - underground voices‘Did it hurt?’

‘No. Well, a bit.’

‘What will your Ammi say?’

‘She’ll be cool. No big deal. Raised eyebrows, a shake of her head, maybe some extra work for me to do around the house. But she’ll take it well, you’ll see. After all, we don’t live in the dark ages anymore.’

But masking my anxiety with false bravado is not helping. I leave my friend and make my way home feeling a little sick in the stomach. Where is that euphoria – that feeling of supreme confidence and utter control – of power – that I had felt when the cold black ink had first spurted its way into my clear blemishless skin?

Ammi-jaan is in the....

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352 words
Dark/Flash Fiction
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  1. Cute posts. I enjoyed your article about turning the tables on editors in "Writing World." Clever!

  2. Thank you, Mohamed, for your kind words.