15 February 2015

Are you a happy writer?

I am a part-time writer. Unlike the author who says he is busy writing an eight hundred page opus of a five part “trilogy” in the midst of two blog posts and a feature length article every day, I'm lucky if I can get eight sentences written down in eight weeks. The only things I do manage to write about are reminders for doctors' appointments and kindergarten events.

I don't earn much money from writing. A hundred quid now, a couple of them in six months' time just about keeps me in chocolate cake and icecream at every birthday.

I've never won an award. I've come close—short listed, honorable mention...

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Words from the Wise

"I like the idea behind this article, that of defining happiness for yourself in the writing process. This is an extremely important point of view for all writers, and all people, really... This piece is really trying to offer a perspective through which to view the writing life."
Bill Kenower
Author Magazine

"I really love this. I have to say, it speaks to me - because I am doing so many fulfilling things in my life, and writing often is not at the top of the list. So I feel guilty that I'm not WRITING even when I'm doing other things that make me happy. I'm sure there are a lot of us in a similar situation. I think what this conveys is that "being a writer" is part of what you are as a total person, not 100% of what you are. So much of what is written about "being a writer" makes it seem that if you're not devoting 23 out of 24 hours of your day to it, you're not "serious." As opposed to - you're a writer, maybe you're a mom, maybe you are a photographer, maybe you have a day job - it's part of the package, not the total package. I think it... will make a great editorial.
That's a great editorial, really. There's so much out there on being the non-stop, full-time, full-speed-ahead writer, as if that's the ONLY kind that makes you a "real" writer. The idea that writing, for some of us, is something we do "in addition" to all the OTHER things we do just isn't "fashionable." I thank you for saying it so well!"
Moira Allen
Writing World

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