5 May 2015

Many a sleep between the cup and the lip

Verbolatry - Devyani Borade - Many a sleep between the cup and the lip - Motherhood May Cause Drowsiness
The clock shrilly performs its duty and haughtily announces the time. It reads five a.m. or thereabouts. I can’t be too sure since I don’t have my glasses on. Even if I did have my glasses on, I couldn’t be too sure. It’s kinda hard to tell the time with your eyes shut. My hand strikes like a snake to strangle off the alarm mid-scream. Nervously I glance at the two sleeping forms by my bedside. The larger of them stirs, licks her lips and turns over noisily twisting her sheets around her three-year-old frame tighter than a lock of hair caught in a bad perm. The other continues sleeping. Whew.


Read the full essay in the May 2015 anthology Motherhood May Cause Drowsiness

915 words

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