10 March 2010

Confessions of a stamp murderer

devyani borade - verbolatry - confessions of a stamp murderer - eureka street30 May 1931. An unremarkable date. The British Raj is still lording over the Indian populace as revolts are cropping up like angry acne all over the country.

It is an unremarkable day in an unremarkable remote village of India. On the main road, cycles trill shrilly and overbalance into pedestrians. A cow squatting on the footpath is placidly chewing the lungi of the newspaperman established on the wayside. A radio teetering on the edge of his table blares out classical music between bursts of static. With every knock it receives, it emits a fresh outburst of indignant squawking.

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Words from the Wise

"A lovely piece"
Tim Kroenert
Assistant Editor
Eureka Street

"I really enjoyed reading your piece. It is a thought-provoking look at history. You're a very talented writer with good instincts for intriguing stories."
Paula Jolin
Manuscript Reader

"I like it - (it's) different..."

Mairin Holmes
Assistant Editor
Stamp News

"It's well written"
Guy Thomas

"It is very well written, and the opening scene is especially well evoked"
Melinda Selmys

"It is a really good read, and very evocative"

Helen Tovey
Family Tree Magazine

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