25 March 2010

What's in a name?

devyani borade - verbolatry - what's in a name? - writers digest
“Once upon a time,” I begin my story, “there lived a king whose name was…” Here I stop. Henry? No, too common. John? Too short. George? Nah, I keep misspelling it while typing fast. Besides, why am I limiting this to English names? The story certainly doesn’t require it.

Let’s begin again. “His name was…” Mbwango? Hmm, a bit of a tongue twister. Kwon Yun Ming Chan? Too long. Muhammad? Not exclusive enough, too prolific and popular. Dmitri? Suddenly I’m trying too hard – and am still stuck on the first page of what was supposed to be my masterpiece.

One of my major problems when writing any story isn’t...
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