10 October 2011

Developing the right attitude

"A degree of tact and diplomacy is an essential tool in the tester's arsenal. A tester must be aware that his/her task is, in its baser nature, finding faults in another person's work and nobody likes that. It is important to learn how to avoid confrontational situations."

"Testers must try to make their bug reports impersonal and unbiased. Focus on reporting the bug in the most comprehensive way not on placing the blame on the developer."

Sound advice. And one that is familiar to all testers. The ubiquitous phrase of "conflict resolution" crops up regularly and often in the tester's day to...

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Words from the Wise

"Love the feature!"
Matthew Bailey
T.E.S.T. Magazine

"I think that the topic you’ve chosen is a strong one, and your opening paragraph reflects this. It really got me excited about reading more on developer-tester conflicts and how to resolve them."
Joey McAllister

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