1 October 2011

Games gods play

‘Let us churn the ocean together,’ said the Gods to the Demons.

The Gods and the Demons were always at war. Neither side had the upper hand consistently, for they were always evenly matched in strength and valour.

One day, the king of Gods was riding his mount, an elephant, in Heaven. The air was sweet and fresh, the birds were chirping and the environment was alive and vigorous. In this jaunt, a great sage appeared before the king and offered him a garland as a mark of his esteem. The king accepted the garland and placed it on the trunk of his elephant. But the noble beast was irritated by the smell of...

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1216 words

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Words from the Wise

"This was pretty interesting to read. I truly believe that this would work for a role-playing game."
Manuscript Reader
Bards and Sages Quarterly

"There was some good imagery here, and the world building had me really interested, the past history of Gods and Demons, a sage who could curse the gods, etc."
Samuel Montgomery-Blinn
Bull Spec

"Your piece was quite good"
D. L. Russell
Strange, Weird and Wonderful magazine

"It is well written"
Alexander Korovessis

"It's a good story overall"
J. E. Taylor
Assistant Editor

"I thought this was a good flash, interesting"
Silver Pen

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