15 December 2015


‘I am invincible!’ cried the King.

The Lord slept in His Heaven. His Gatekeeper stood guard at the gates of His abode and kept a close watch. Nothing should interrupt his master’s rest. A beautiful pigeon, snow-white and pure, fluttered onto the bough of a nearby tree and cooed. The Gatekeeper soundlessly shooed it away. A spider, eight spindly legs splayed, crawled up the Gatekeeper’s leg and began to weave a web. The Gatekeeper did not brush it off. A scorpion skittered across the dry ground, sensed his toe and struck with its venomous stinger. But not a whimper of pain escaped the Gatekeeper’s...

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2100 words
US publication


Words from the Wise

"An ambitious almost epic piece that puts me in mind of Paradise Lost with the Godly motif... The underlying story is engrossing and interesting with definite entertainment."
Senior Poetry Editor
Page & Spine

"Tales of wonder, especially those involving religious or metaphysical questions, intrigue us, and we appreciated your story's unique blend of folklore and almost Biblical language. The story is sprinkled with marvelous details and "Easter eggs" that further engage and delight the reader---the Gatekeeper's remarkable request ("Then grant me this...") is a favorite. Congratulations on crafting such a memorable work."
Kristen Marie

"This is a very good piece... I enjoyed reading it"

"The idea behind 'Faith' is a very interesting one, and there are moments when the tale comes across as unique..."
Manuscript Reader
Bards & Sages Quarterly

"It is a good story"
Julie Ann Dawson
Bards & Sages Quarterly

"I found the story original"
Associate Editor
Shimmer Magazine

"Your folktale style of narration was done well"

"Your writing is strong"
Courtney Pondelick
Assistant Submissions Editor
Dark Discoveries

"I like much of this... It's kind of bold and deals with topics that interest me. I do especially like the riddle-solution ending to this tale and the allegorical feel of the prince story."
Stephen Ramey
Parsec Ink

"I enjoyed the story"
Nick L.
Bastion Science Fiction Magazine

"This was an interesting story"
Rose Lemberg
Stone Bird Press

"You've got a strong opening line"
Katrina S. Forest
Manuscript Reader
Urban Fantasy Magazine

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