10 December 2015

Launching a blog? Start with this checklist!

Once upon a time, I had a blog. It was my online debut in writing: a small piece of electronic real estate that belonged to me. My own little blank canvas on which my imagination would run wild. My stage, where I'd be "discovered" and hailed as the next big literary sensation.

At first I posted to it every day. Diligently. Joyfully. Then I ran out of energy. The blog went into a coma from which it roused occasionally with a stray post or two, then relapsed. Today it is officially dead. Despite this, I say my maiden blog was very successful, though not in any way I had imagined. It didn't make me rich or...

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Words from the Wise

"These are EXCELLENT questions, and really, I had not thought things through to nearly this extent. We have some other pieces on blogs but nothing that approached it in quite that way!"
Moira Allen
Writing World

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